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Jan. 1st, 2014


Bonne Année

Here's to beauty, success, love, strength, humility and wonder in 2014.


Jan. 26th, 2013


Bug = Pinmonkey

dear reader,
there are things that every mini should learn, and as parents, bug's daddy and me felt that there was no better morning than this to learn how to roll. knowing that this adventure was deserving of a delicious and hearty breakfast, and that I had puff pastry in the icebox, we prepared ourselves for our upcoming feat by happily demolishing a tasty breakfast.
bacon and egg pastry
then we were off! since bug's daddy is not only a patient teacher, and having been through a few tournaments in his day, he was just the perfect guy to show her the ropes- er, lanes.
DSC04666 for blog
it wasn't long before she was talking turkeys, strikes, doubles and spares...
DSC04680 for blog
of course daddy had to show his mini how it's done (in true form),
DSC04681 for blog
and after many-a-frame (and a worked-up appetite!), it was time to go. what will bug's next adventure look like?
DSC04676 for blog

Oct. 6th, 2012


Delightful Date

dear reader, 
don't you just love the days where your plans don't quite turn out the way you, well, planned? my sweeter-than-pie hubby so kindly escorted me to a little fair i'd been hearing so much about and that path led me to (in turn!) be his guide at a not-so-little warship he'd being wanting to visit:

USS Iowa for Blog

he's a history buff, that man of mine, and when we drove passed the USS Iowa, it was pretty much set in stone that we would be afternoon sailors. I really tried not to get into trouble, but with so many bells, whistles, levers, latches, doors and the like, I just couldn't help it.

USS Iowa 7 for blog
it's just the kind of girl I am.
USS Iowa 11 for blog
(the authorities were on their way, hence the blurriness!)
USS Iowa 8 for blog
underneath those sunglasses you might find a twinkle of mischief, but instead
USS Iowa 13 for blog
I was just happy to have spent the day with my prince charming.

Jul. 16th, 2012


The Adventures of Chuckles+Poopsie: Beach Holiday

Chuckles+Poopsie decided we should all go for a beach holiday. I even got a special bracelet made for me (courtesy of the one and only charleston chew!). It read:
(The Advetchers of Chuckls and Poopsiy')

Day one was full of bubbles, hugs, and splashing about at the pool. 
Day two was spent on ferris wheels, getting freaked out by Zoltar's big talking head and of course, a trip to the sweets shoppe.

At the beach on holiday is no holiday at all if the birds can't take some time to relax... so we decided to spend a wee bit of time lounging about.

Splashing about was great fun. Poopsie had fun squeaking at the waves each time they nipped at her feet while Chuckles had to show the sea who's boss:

But once a strange and mysterious sea creature came up out of the ocean, C+P knew it was time to get out of the water and go back home. Holidays in the sand with best friends is the perfect way to spend sunny summer days.

May. 27th, 2012


The Adventures of Chuckles+Poopsie: Fun at the Faire!

Chuckles+Poopsie wanted to take a different kind of adventure this weekend, so we ended up at Patchwork, where the girls ooh-ed and ahh-ed many a creation.

Posing for pictures and looking through the stalls of pretties was a harrowing job, especially for Chuckles, who wanted to lunch sooner than later. Poopsie quickly realized Chuckles was onto something and so we continued on...

...Only to be stopped by the hairiest duo you've ever seen! 
The craftacular was short+sweet (just like C+P!).

Apr. 8th, 2012


Hoppy Easter!

For the holiday this year Bug decided she wanted to go to her gran's house, as she'd heard that the Bunny not only visits her home, but also had popped in there as well. As you can see, she had a wonderful time making faces at the camera and searching for the eggs Mr. Bunny left behind for her. Even Ginger the Puppy decided to go egg-hunting! (If you look very closely you'll see the pink egg in her mouth-- but really, I think the guilt-ridden look on her face says it all!) At the end of the day, we all had a wonderful time. How about you? How did you spend the holiday?

Mar. 31st, 2012


The Adventures of Chuckles + Poopsie (Fun in Fishland)

Chuckles and Poopsie met one another in Mrs. Santiago's first grade class. Since the first day of school, they played at recess and lunch recess together, deciding soon to become best friends forever (that's BFFs to you older folks in the audience). Inseperable, they bonded over Chuckles' love of all books Ghostbumps and Poopsie's determined goals to read over 100 books every summer.

Being a mum (and surrogate-mum!) to Chuckles+Poopsie certainly keeps me on my toes, but we all have a pretty great time together. Chuckles+Poopsie compliment each other fabulously and they have tons of fun on their adventures.

Our first adventure was a two-hour drive to Fishland, where Chuckles+Poopsie rode their first major rollercoaster, demolished a giant piece of chocolate cake for lunch, and got to learn all about sealife, big and small.

By the end of their first adventure, Chuckles+Poopsie were forever friends (they even signed a contract). 

Mar. 3rd, 2012


Lucky No. 7

It's pretty amazing to think back on the last 7 years... especially when I try to imagine the way life was before my mini came into the world. Who would have guessed that I could be mum to the smartest, sassiest, most adorable little mini around? Celebrating Bug's milestone had a touch of the meow, and all in all it was a pretty kitty-rrific day.

And we had a blast with our friends!

Feb. 28th, 2012


Love Comes in Growth Spurts!

dear reader,
are you a mum? or are you a da?
have you noticed that since becoming a parent that you react much differently to things that you wouldn't have previously?
you have?! me too!
being a mum has definitely changed me for the better, bringing about more patience, a deeper sense of humility, and a bit more empathy than i had previously. mostly though, becoming a mum has made me weepy. yes! weepy! i tend to get emotional at the simplest of occurrences. i think it's definitely a good thing, especially since i feel i am much more in tune to the needs of others (especially wee ones).

now peacock what's this post really about, you ask? well, since we're chatting about bugs, das and mums, it's certainly a post about my bug. she excitedly rang me today after school with some exciting news: one of her teeth has become loose! now while this may not seem like a post-worthy event to you, dearest of readers, to me-- it is a very big deal. my little bug is not so little anymore. sure, she's growing up (and it really is a shame) but this is the beginning of HUGE things for bug. more adventures, methinks. and more sass, more fun, and growing up. and that's not always so easy, is it now?
so today, i donate a happy little tear (or two) to kinks-loving, bowie-lyric-knowing, johnny-cash-singing bug. grow, sweet bug, grow! 

Feb. 26th, 2012


A Love of Literature

dear reader,
i didn't much partake in the hooplah of the night's on-screen festivities, but this 15-minute labour of love is well worth the watch. have you seen it?

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